Speaker 24

Arben Shkodra

Secretary General

Albanian Manufacturers Union

Arben Shkodra is a highly accomplished professional with an extensive experience in various fields such as economics, finance, international relations, diplomacy, political studies, governance, and territorial development. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics/Finance from the University of Tirana and has completed several postgraduate courses in international relations and diplomacy, political studies, and governance.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shkodra has held diverse managerial roles across both public and private sectors. For over a decade, he made significant contributions as the Head of Human Resources, Finance, and Operations Department at the Prime Minister’s Office and is currently the Managing Partner at Daminani & Partners, Executive Director at Future Center, and Secretary General at the Albanian Manufacturing Union.

In addition to his primary roles, throughout his career Mr. Shkodra has taken on several parallel positions, including external advisor for the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Albania (UCCIAL), Head of Authority of the Council of Ministers in the High Inspectorate for Conflict of Interest and Asset Declarations, and Ad Interim General Director in the General Directorate of Patent and Trademarks.

Furthermore, Mr. Shkodra is also an active member of numerous chambers of commerce and national councils including the the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana (CCIT), Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Albania (UCCIAL), National Council of EU Integration, National Economic Council, and the Interministerial Working Group of S3.

Speaker 24
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