Speaker 25

Joana Kaçorri



I was born and raised in Rrëshen. I completed my studies in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. I have been living in Tirana for 10 years. I work as an architect at the Construction Institute in Tirana. I founded Amargi 4 years ago and have been the designer ever since.
Amargi is a business that at first sight looks like came into my life out of thin air, but when I think about it closely it is the thing I have always wanted to do. From a young age I had a special feeling on clothing – I didn’t think of it not only in terms of functionality, but went deeper – looking at the combination of colors, shapes and cuts. In the journey toward the beautiful, Amargi stays true to its roots. The word Amargi translates from ancient Sumerian as “return to mother”. Through the exploration of the Albanian ethnographic heritage, Amargi seeks to reawaken a national intellectual wealth that will evanesce with generation of our grandparents. At the core of our brand is our selection of artisan hand-loomed fabric, deliberately chosen in support of the local economy, the empowerment of women and the principles of sustainability.
The idea to establish a business was born on 28.12.2018. The business I would create would be a clothing brand inspired by traditional Albanian clothing.

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Speaker 25
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