Speaker 26

Arjeta Puca



Arjeta Puca is the founder of “Timak”, a company that manufactures and sells construction machinery, parts accessories, and specialized public service vehicles, with branches in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria.

Currently, one out of every 2 Ambulances in Albania has the name of our company Timak. Recently , Timak exported its “Made in Albania” products to Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Libya, Chile. The vision of Arjeta is to build a strong Albanian business that will grow and become a dominant presence throughout Europe and later worldwide, a company that will affect the reputation of the Albanian industry by increasing the prestige of Albanian goods in these markets.

In 1991, when Arjeta was 4 years old, her family emigrated to Turkey in 1991. In 2006, the family opened a shop to repair superstructures. She was studying Computer Engineering at the university and working part-time in the family shop which became a company later. At university times she had different internships in Croatia and China. After graduation, Arjeta worked at the Research and Development department at Bosch Germany and Bosch Japan. 6 years ago, she decided to move to Albania and start completely from zero her company.

Speaker 26
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