Speaker 13

Ardita Seknaj

Secretary General

The International Chamber of Commerce in Albania (ICC Albania)

Ardita Seknaj has been the Secretary General of ICC Albania (the International Chamber of Commerce in Albania ) since 2013. Ardita’s relationship with the organization stems from the establishment process that started in 2011 as part of the leading team in Albania. Before joining ICC Albania, Ardita worked for about eight years in the banking sector, where she expanded her experience in different fields such as trade finance, project management, insurance, corporate banking, and financial institutions. She is engaged as a consultant in various regional projects in her areas of interest and has led various projects in the area of sustainable development, integrity and collective actions. Ardita is one of the five signatories of the Southeast Europe (SEE) Good Governance and Anti-corruption Women Leaders Forum. Ardita’s fields of interest remain international trade and investments, trade finance and sustainable development.

Speaker 13
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