Speaker 10

Zejni Musaj

Founder and Managing Director

MUSAJ-Z sh.p.k.

Zejni Musaj is one of the first founders of businesses in the city of Patos. Born and living in Patos, Zejniu took his first steps after graduating from the Mechanical Technical School in Patos in the oil transport business in the same city. Like a good part of Albanians, in the 90s he emigrated to Greece where he worked, observed the market and clarified his entrepreneurial ideas by returning to his hometown. Equipped with technical knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, in 2000, together with his brother, he founded the first fashion business company, where he held various management positions that gave him the opportunity to enrich his managerial skills. For 8 (eight) years, he held management positions as administrator, managing director, as well as managing relations with clients of the international market, being a good connoisseur of Italian and Greek. In 2018, as a result of the increased opportunities to do business and the consolidation of his skills and knowledge, Zejni Musaj undertakes his own individual initiative, giving life to the business he currently manages, MUSAJ-Z sh.p.k. It started this journey with 80 workers and only one client, with a monthly order of 5,000 (five) pieces. With patience, quality and stability, year after year, he built strong and reliable relationships with other and different companies, mainly in Italy and Switzerland, working for well-known brands such as HOGAN, NEROGIARDINI, TECHNOBOOTS, BOGNER, WOOLRICH, LA MARTINA, LORI BLUE. Today the company has almost tripled its staff and exports at least three times a week to countries and companies that have long-term contracts with MUSAJ-Z sh.p.k. and that see this company as a loyal and long-term partner in Albania. The company employs boys and girls who come from the same district, educated and experienced in this sector. Most of the employees have been part of the team of MUSAJ-Z sh.p.k. for at least 5 years. growing and developing together with the company. The next challenge for Zejni and the company is the re-organization of processes and the consolidation of best practices, with the aim of increasing quality but also efficiency and cost optimization. This process has started through the expertise provided by the SCORE program enabled by the ILO and Zejniu aims to translate it into an organic part of everyday operations.

Speaker 10
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