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Louise Xin

Fashion designer & Human Rights activist


Born in China, raised in Sweden, and currently based in Paris. Louise Xin is a self-taught, award-winning fashion designer and founder of Scandinavia’s first Rental-only none sale couture brand Louise Xin Couture. She discovered the world of couture and started to experiment with upcycled materials by the end of 2019 and decided to start a rental-only brand during the pandemic 2020 as a humble attempt to inspire a change in consumption patterns and customer behaviour.

Her passion for sustainability, and her goal to create a circular brand led her into humanitarian work. Xin dedicated her debut fashion show in the fall of 2021 to human rights. The show went viral worldwide, and Xin gained international recognition. One month after the show, Xin was granted the first-ever edition of the Fabric of Life Award during the International Textile Conference -Next Textile -in Borås. Since then, she has been travelling around the world, doing lectures and participating in exhibitions in museums, art galleries, and luxury mall. She has been featured in radio, podcast and television interviews, and over 70 magazine articles in 10 languages worldwide. In June 2022 Xin was selected as the first Sakharov Fellow from the fashion industry and spoke in front of the European Parliament. March 28th Xin will be holding a fashion show in Brussels inside the Parliament together aiming to raise awareness about ending modern slavery and forced labour in fashion.

“Louise Xin is Changing the World one dress at the time” Vogue Scandinavia


Speaker 1
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